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Corsican Wood

Corsican Wood is a fairly large wood on the north-eastern edge of Old Park Wood. It is approximately 5 hectares in size, located between Nightingale and Collierís Green Woods, and the main ride through Old Park Wood.

The greater area of the plot is dominated by Corsican pine, planted around 20-25 years ago. The northern end of the plot retains some older sweet chestnut coppice stools, at least some of which appear to have been coppiced within the last 15 years. This part is dominated by silver birch regeneration; silver birch is beginning to regenerate in all areas of the plot.

Corsican wood is a Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (P.A.W.S.). It is likely to retain remnants of the original ground flora in the soil seedbank, and could support a wide range of common and declining species, including woodland flora, butterflies and birds. Currently much of the wood is rather dense and dark, with little or no understorey, particularly where the pines dominate; opening these areas up would provide greater structure and habitat for wildlife.





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