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Crow Wood –  we became custodians of  Crow Wood in July 2005. It is a 6.5 acre plot at the south east corner of Old Park wood. The underlying soil is very acidic and sandy. It does not drain well and ponds form in winter.  About 4 acres is old sweet chestnut coppice with a small number of standard oaks. The size of the chestnut stumps  suggest that they may be about 150 years old. 1.5 acres are Scots pine and the remainder is a small plantation of Corsican Pine. There is a fine Coast Cedar near the southern track, which we call Big Red. Where the wood is more open, Silver Birch and heather are quick to grow and maybe Crow wood was formerly heathland or wood pasture.


In spring there are good areas of Bluebells, with Wood Anemone and Wood Sorrel too. Common Spotted Orchid and Heath Spotted Orchid are present in small numbers.  In summer Spotted Flycatchers and Turtle Dove visit the wood and Buzzards are often overhead. White Admiral and Silver Washed Fritillery butterflies,  and Pipistrelle bats can be seen along the sunnier rides.  In winter Tawny Owls and Woodcock roost in the pines and several varieties of edible fungi can be found. We have seen Roe Deer and Stoats a couple of times and Badger digs are common.


Our main objective is to enhance the wood for wildlife by reintroducing a coppicing cycle, creating open glades and rides, and by thinning the dense conifers. We have put up a number of nestboxes, funded from the sale of our own charcoal and cordwood, and in some areas we have planted Rowan and Hazel to broaden the range of trees species present and enhance biodiversity. We also use the wood to enjoy ourselves and to get together with friends and family……….its a place we like to share as much as we can.



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