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 Improvements to public footpaths

With the active assistance of Kent High Weald Project (KHWP), links were made with the KCC Public Rights of Way team who were able to provide two self-closing footpath gates, in return for a donation of £40 from the Friends of Old Park Wood . The first was installed by KHWP and volunteers at the start of public footpath off Colliers Green Road, close to the interpretation board erected in 2008. The second was installed, again by volunteers, at the opposite end of the wood near Limberlost wood where the footpath exits onto farmland. This work was carried out on the 16th January and 13th March. Two stile sets had been kindly donated by Tate Fencing for the project, but as current PROW recommendations favour gated access, it was decided that sadly they could not be used. The company were thanked for their generous offer.

KHWP and volunteers from the local Angley School also carried out footpath access improvements and glade clearance, cutting back bracken and overgrowing branches, etc from adjoining woodlots on Wednesday 18th March (original date of February 4th was snowed off). New waymarkers were also installed. The link with KHWP has been highly beneficial in helping to improve community access to the woodland along public rights of way.

Footpath access improvements, including gate installation: Kent High Weald Project 3 days @ £240 = £720



Volunteers from the local Angley School rake up cut bracken and branches from a widened glade along public footpath


  Volunteers from the local Angley School placing waymarkers along a public footpath in Old Park Wood










Installation of a new gate along the public footpath north of Limberlost in Old Park Wood




Removing the old fence for new gate number 2 at eastern end of public footpath

Hard at work installing new gate

New gate at eastern end of public footpath –near Rustle wood






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