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Horse Logging Event in Old Park Wood

 The event was held on Saturday 14th March 2009, when both a portable wood saw and team of horses were in Old Park Wood to demonstrate low impact extraction and the commercial potential for sawn oak timber. Following advice from Kent Wildlife Trust it was decided to focus the event in Rustle Wood, where there are dense areas of mature oaks, requiring thinning to enhance the woodland flora and its value for wildlife.



The arborist was commissioned with grant funding to spend 3 days in total in Rustle Wood, using two on selective felling of a small number of oaks and the third day to extract the timber using a horse team to a waiting Woodmizer and operator.





Invitations to the Sunday were circulated widely in advance and over the course of the day some 50 people attended. Lunch was provided for visitors, and there were many opportunities to talk about the day’s activities around the Rustle Wood campfire, lubricated by the Lovestone cider.
The day was extremely valuable in providing an opportunity for networking and building a stronger partnership between the owners and with organisations such as Kent High Weald Project and Kent Wildlife Trust. In that sense it clearly met its objectives. It was also very useful in providing a practical demonstration of how value can be added to timber through processing, following the sequence through from felling to sawing into planks and posts, to stacking for drying and pricing. There’s wealth in them there trees !
The sun shone and there was a hint of spring in the air….a great day out in the wood.  
Many thanks to the Rustlers for hosting the day, to Kent County Council for funding it and to everyone who turned up to make it a success. But as always, a pity that we failed to draw in any of the owners that do not figure in the Association….they don’t know what they are missing.


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