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Limberlost Wood


Limberlost Wood differs from other parts of Old Park Wood in that it has no sweet chestnut or conifers. A large proportion of Limberlost is swampy alder carr with alders and poplars, whilst the drier parts support mainly oak and hazel. There is also an established ash and beech tree. 

Young oaks were planted in rows between established oaks in about 1980. Subsequently, dense, self-sown silver birch and downy birch have grown up and suppressed both young and established oaks together with ground flora. The owners of Limberlost are progressively thinning the birch to allow light to return to the wood and to encourage greater biodiversity. Young and established oaks, hazels and ground flora have all responded positively to this action. Selected areas of birch are allowed to regenerate to provide diversity. 

Limberlost is private woodland with no public access. However, it is possible to see some of the alder carr, oaks, hazels and ground flora from the public footpath that runs through the NE side of Limberlost and across the adjacent field. The dry hedge running alongside the track provides an additional habitat for birds and other wildlife.





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