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2008 / 2009

Partnership Projects    Under Construction    

In conjunction with the Kent Wildlife Trust and the The Kent High Weald Partnership we have already  undertaken a number of projects. The majority of these have affected the Old Park Wood as a whole rather than the individual woods within it.

These projects have been summarised in annual reports and are recreated on the attached pages.

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2008 / 2009 Woodland management event
  Kent Wildlife Trust  visit each woodlot to advise individual owners on management
  Bat survey/bat walk for woodlot owners
  Woodland wildlife & archaeology guided walk
  Archaeological investigation

Full Report now available click below.

Old Park Wood Archaeology.pdf

  Improvements to public footpaths
2007 / 2008    
  Writing management plan  
  Fungus foray
  Woodland Management/coppicing awareness  
   Information board re the wood on public right of way


  Further develop the use of the OLD PARK WOOD website as a resource for owners and others, and for communicating action on the project.



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