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Nightingale Wood

Nightingale Wood is an 11 acre wood on the north eastern edge of Old Park Wood.

The site is largely dominated by young birch scrub with a differing age structure across the wood. Scattered sweet chestnut coppice stools and occasional standard oaks occur in most of the wood together some willow and hornbeam. Four rides dissect the wood. The soil is very sandy and heather is present in a number of places. Parts of the wood are very damp and it appears to support an excellent woodcock (Scolopax rusticola) population.

Nightingale wood appears as woodland on the 1st edition Landmark OS maps (1871-1890); however it is not marked as ancient woodland on the Provisional Ancient Woodland Inventory Natural England 2002.

Although it has been wooded for at least one hundred years, the remnant heather population suggests that the area may have once been an open area of wooded heath or open heath land.

The wood is now being managed by the owner to support traditional woodland crafts, wood fuel, and biodiversity.







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