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The Common Lizard seen in Crow Wood during May.

I have put a couple of old roof tiles in a clearing and lizards are often on or under them for warmth. Like all reptiles they need sun so prefer rides and clearings in full sun. They are quick to dive for cover when they sense movement.


A Grass Snake observed in Crow Wood.

This one was warming up on cold day so allowed me to get close enough to take the photograph. They are common in Old Park Wood but you need to walk very quietly to see them well. They like sunny spots with plenty of vegetation.

 A good time to see them is very early spring when hot weather can tempt them out and they remain sluggish. They are harmless.

Adders do not occur in woodland, although they may once have been residents when there was more heathland.


A Sparrow Hawk tending it's nest in Crow Wood.

A pair took up residence this year at the top of one of our Scots Pines. As a species they are woodland specialists but hard to spot and  very secretive. They are most often seen soaring above Old Park Wood looking for prey, which is mainly small birds. It is likely that there are several pairs nesting in Old Park.






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