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The Flora and Fauna of Old Park Wood

The wood is a rich resource of nature in all its forms but so many of use just don't recognise the individual species inhabiting the woods. This area of the website will provide a record of what owners and visitors have seen in the wood. Using photos submitted by contributors we will try to provide a seasonal guide to what can be seen in the woods.


If you have a contribution please provide one or more photos (.jpg / .png ) together with a brief description of when and where the photo was taken so that it can be added to the correct season. Please use the name of the species and the place seen together with the month as the file name for the contribution.   E.G. The Common Toad Crow Wood June.jpg

If you can not identify the animal, bird, insect, tree, plant, flower, moss etc send as much info as possible and we will ask our viewers to try to identify it. Please send your photos to web@oldparkwood.org.uk  .

Martin (Crow Wood) has given us a magnificent start with some great photos but please send your own contributions, as long as they are viewable and don't duplicate a species within an individual wood they will be published.


Send mail to web@oldparkwood.org.uk with questions or comments about this web site.
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